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Treatment of keratonus

Dr. Ahmed El motasem is a pioneer in keratoconus management. He is an international reference in this field. He has vast experience in all types of treatments, including cross linking, corneal rings, ICL implantation, Topography-guided, Wavefront-guided laser, and corneal transplantation.


so Dr. Ahmed El motasem studies your case carefully to offer the least invasive treatment that gives you the best result .

The treatment is done on the following steps:


Correction of the cornea to the patient so as not to cause damage to the eye more than that and the installation process in 10 minutes and completely safe for the elderly and for patients with diabetes and pressure


We perform the tests of the cornea after the installation process to determine the next stage of treatment to suit the patient's condition


Based on the examination of the patient's cornea , the appropriate method of treatment is determined from 4 ways :


- Laser Therapy


-  planting rings


-  lens implantation


- Cultivation cornea