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Beautify the eyelids

What is the process of eyelids
Eyelid surgery is an operation to improve the appearance of the eyelid. This surgery can be done either to beautify and tighten the upper eyelids, or to tighten only the lower eyelids or to beautify both eyelids together.

This process may be done to correct some of the functional problems that occur on the eyelid because of the slouch and dilute, through which the surgeon can restore youth and vitality to the area around the eyes. Eyelid surgery can specifically address the following problems and get rid of the following:

The drooping or slack skin that forms folds and wrinkles that make the natural shape of the upper eyelid get confused and sometimes cause vision disorder.
Excess fatty deposits that lead to the swelling of the eyelids.
Sacks and fatty aggregations are bulges under the eye.
The lower eyelid droops which reveals the white of the eye down the pupil.
Excessive skin and fine wrinkles in the lower eyelid.