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Corneal ulcers

Some people are exposed to redness of the eye and the pain of intermittent «doubt» followed by the fall of tears, which causes concern for the owners of this case, which doctors confirmed that symptoms of ulcers cornea, and advised to go immediately to the doctor for the speed of treatment because of the seriousness of complications that arrive at the last stages to the liquidation of the eye .. Types and methods of treatment?

the reasons
Dr. Al-Mu'tasim, consultant of ophthalmology and ophthalmology professor of ophthalmology, says that corneal ulcers have several causes, such as injuries or trauma to the eye, and there are two other types: bacterial and viral, which is very dangerous, including contact lenses, Different in the eye resulting in ulcers such as immunodeficiency diseases and the virus «syali» weaken the cornea and make it easily ulcerated.

Dr. Al-Mu'tasim, a professor of ophthalmology at Ain Shams University, said that corneal ulcer is one of the most difficult eye diseases in treating it because it requires the patient to be hospitalized or having facilities with him at home to look after him. More.

Dr. Ahmed added that the reason for this is that there are no blood capillaries inside the cornea, so there is no antibiotic to be delivered. It is placed by hand to ensure its arrival. The antibiotic is prepared manually so that its concentration is very high.

Dr. Ahmed explained the causes of eye ulcers, especially the use of contact lenses, especially lenses purchased from unreliable locations or the exchange of lenses between girls and some of them, which causes the transmission of diseases and microbes and a bacterial ulcer.

The professor of medicine and ophthalmology revealed that the complications of corneal ulcers cause a cloud on them and may require grafting. A hole may occur in the cornea. In this case, the microbes enter the eye and lead to permanent eye liquidation. In some cases, .

the cure
Dr. Al-Mutasim added that the treatment of normal ulcers is antibiotic and ointment and then heals and returns to its nature. The bacterial and viral type is treated with its antimicrobial according to each type. In immunological diseases, the original cause of the ulcers is treated and the ulcers are treated with antibiotics Vital.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mutasim explains that some rare microbes are among the causes of corneal ulcers, in addition to diseases such as tuberculosis, kidney failure and AIDS.

And emphasizes the need to visit the doctor immediately in these cases because there are types of ulcers work corrosive cornea and treatment is very difficult if delayed and was the result of a microbe, and in emergencies can be used antibiotic ointment temporarily until the doctor.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mutasim pointed out that the treatment is through medicines in some cases and other cases unfortunately requires them to cultivate the Koran